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Dottington ~ Yay, it's great to hear that the weight is slowly coming down! Thank you for your response regarding the whole sugar/gluten thing...I'm really starting to believe I had a tad too much sugar on Sunday, since I went back to the regular eating habits, only to not feel as deprived of food as before. I was getting worried! wow, congratulations on that opportunity! It's nice that you're so motivated to practice! My sister takes piano and trumpet lessons, but she hardly practices the piano. Shame, because that music is so much more soothing, lol!

lulubellebc ~ Congratulations on your weigh in!


So, the scale who was not my friend earlier this week decided to make up with me today. 149.4, so back into the 140s I go! I hope this is the normal trend and I ALSO hope the scale isn't just being funky, since apparently my mom thinks it's acting up (or messing) with her. Regardless, I've been exercising and eating right, so I'd like to believe the results are due to that.

Anyway, a minor NSV literally just 10 minutes ago! My clothes shipment from this site, YesStyle came in! It's basically a site packed full of clothing geared toward fashion seen in Asia (namely Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea). Many of their clothing items are "one size fits all," which is something I honestly find humorous, given how tiny the stereotypical Asian is. I mean given I'm a good 30-40 lb heavier than a typical Asian at this height, I thought it was sheer mockery to label the clothing like that.

Anyway, before I placed this order, I tried on a few of my cousins' blouses, just because they told me it was "one size fits all." (Mind you, one cousin is 5'1" and barely 100 lbs and the other is a couple inches taller and probably no more than 5-10 lbs heavier than the 5'1" cousin!) Anyway, despite a few tops looking relatively weird or tight, they actually fit! So that night I made the order. :P

So fast forward to today. I got my order of six tops. Granted they didn't all fit exactly how I hoped, they all fit. In fact, all but one top actually looked good. I was in total shock, since I jokingly told my mother (while trying them on) that I hope at least one looks good.

Sooo yeah, despite the breakout that is occurring on my chin, I am in a very good mood today. Yay!

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