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Originally Posted by bubbleblower View Post
Interesting reading about autoimmune issues/gluten/thyroid, etc. I have a number of autoimmune issues (celiac, Crohn's, Reynaud's) and am also hypothyroid. When I saw my endocrinologist last week she mentioned that frequently her hypothyroid patients turned out to have Celiac Disease, and then went on to say it really wasn't surprising since they're both on the same gene. I hadn't been aware of that. In any event, I definitely feel much better now that I'm gluten free and keep my carbs pretty low overall. I do love my half of an Udi's Mighty Bagel in the morning though!! Even if I had a choice, I'd never go back to a regular bagel!
Interesting things you add here! My husband carries the genetic marker for celiac plus he has reynauds and crohns. I have hypothyroid and the family history of diabetes, thyroid and a bunch of other undesirable autoimmune things....we have kids with all of the above. Gotta love Gregor Mendel and those pea plants....

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