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Originally Posted by jendilly View Post
Had my WI today after completing week 4 OP. Down 2.4 pounds and lost 4.75 inches. Slow and steady. Always hoping for more, but I'm excited to have lost over 17 pounds in 4 weeks!
Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
So, really...
What part of 17 lbs in 4 weeks is slow???
Really have to 150% second Lisa average during the "quicker" first 5 months I was on Ip was 11/lbs a month...and I recall seeing that same statistic posted this week by RuthAnn. The first big loss weeks posted by some are a lot of water, and also usually by someone who's BMI suggest significant amount of weight to lose. (I know...10-20 lbs can be significant to any one of us..but you get my drift.) Someone needing to lose 100 lbs or more is going to have a different experience from some one trying to lose 1/2 that total, both at the beginning and during the journey.

Anyone who has lurked or been reading on here for a while has seen the affirmation the average is 2-3 lbs a week after that initial water weight loss. As one gets closer to the end..any loss is a victory...often less than .5 lbs/week, and it could take a while for the last 10-15 lbs to show on the scale. There are other measurements that are way more important by then. Cholesterol. Blood Sugar.Blood Pressure. Waist circumference. Clothing size. How you look and feel.

Jendilly..what makes you think it should be more?? Not trying to be antagonistic, but it took most of us well over a month, and actually close to the middle of the second month to reach 15 lbs! Are you charting your progress or is your clinic doing it for you? You may wnat to ask for a copy of your chart each week so you can see those numbers and if they are not measuring your waist, chest, hips, thigh, arm etc...ask them to! When you start to look at your numbers in % instead of raw #s, you may see you are doing exceptionally well...and on par or maybe even better than a heavier person who's loss is a bigger number! You've lost 12% of your body weight already!! Some one who has lost 25 lbs but weighed 300 lbs to start also has lost 12%. Numbers can lie or give you a false impression. It's all relative. ...% is often a better indicator of how you are doing at any point in your journey....but no one measurement should be the only thing focused on. Relax.. are doing great!!!

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