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Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
Today I am following Lisa's recipe and doing a big pot of chicken stock while on another burner, I am making my husband a lovely roast.

This morning was sad - I dropped off a bag of donations at the local thrift store - including 6 pairs of truly beloved shoes! When I was getting all dressed up last night for a business dinner, I discovered my feet slipped out of my nice black suede dress shoes with the curled flowers on the toes. Then my favorite flats, then the next pair on and on. I truly have a love affairs with leather shoes, if you hadn't figured that out already. Some of them I have had and loved for years!

Good thing is that now all my remaining shoes fit in my closet rack and bag.
It's sad to say goodbye to the beloved clothes, that we've waited oh so long hoping one day to fit. then zooming right through on our way down because IP is so fast. I actually consulted a tailor who said they would need to be taken apart and remade $$$. There are loads of smaller sizes awaiting you in the stores! That said, sometimes it's inconvenient to realize last minute your bras don't fit or that thing you were planning ot wear to an engagement is sagging to your knees.! Congratulations on your scale and non-scale victories!

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