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mars: I notice I am more lax about my water consumption on maintenance and really have to mentally make a plan to drink more. I was never a big water drinker before IP so it was always a struggle for me to drink enough. I did develop a taste for it though and found that the flavored drinks seem too sweet to me. That's the nice thing about MIO though, you can add just enough for your taste.

Ishbel: I hope you're feeling better. I had a crown put on a while ago and not long afterwards I ended up with the most excruciating pain. I was away on business and had nothing to take but Tylenol. It did nothing! I have a bite splint for my TMJ and ironically that seemed to relieve some pain by keeping my teeth from touching until I could get to the dentist. I ended up needing a root canal in that same tooth. I was kind of mad that they had to drill through my brand new crown, since they are soooo expensive. lol. Then, I ended up with an infection because the antibiotic he prescribed was something that didn't work for me. It was a long process. I feel so bad that you are pregnant and suffering with this! Dental pain can be the worst!

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