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seemyfeet I'm sorry to ruin the illusion but I'm actually English!! I've lived in Scotland for 5 years now but my accent has only changed a wee bit. :-P and yeah my bf (Ross, solid Scottish name, and is IS Scottish!) got two weekends of fun.. Lucky boy :-P
Edoetsch I love the recipes on pintrest... Infact I love everything about pintrest!! Any recommendations?

I've had a good day, currently at Ross' parents house dog sitting and it's taking all my strength to stay away from the lemon torte that's in the fridge!! Luckily (luckily?!) I have sore wisdom teeth so it's putting me off eating/drinking.

Not exactly sure of my calories today as we had moussaka for dinner here (laden with calories!!) but I'd guess around 1350.
Over the weekend I'm gonna try to stay under 1200, I really want another pound gone by Sunday!

SW 191.4
CW 187.4
GW 140

As I write this I keep thinking that maybe 150 is a more realistic goal for me... More thought required!

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