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Medeis, before I even read either of your posts since I was last here, I looked down at your ticker and just had the biggest smile. I knew you'd break into the 180s very soon with all the exercise you've been doing and staying on your plan. I'm so very happy for you. You are doing an amazing job!

Michlove, I'm going to go with b) on your list of reasons why people don't mention obvious weight loss. They really are sweet people, so I'm guessing they don't want to offend me. But you're right; I know I've lost the weight and that's all that should matter.

Mahesh, welcome to our group here! How long have you been doing Jenny?

I was down 0.2 for this week's weigh in but not upset with it in the least. I know part of the reason I didn't have a bigger loss was because I had a couple big handfuls of some sea salt/garlic almonds I had roasted last night. I had already eaten all my calories for the day, so I think these extra ones from these almonds and the added salt caused the slight gain. But I'm not feeling guilty about one little splurge in the week. I've been sticking to the Jenny plan other than this, drinking all my water and tons of tea and getting in more exercise than I have in months. I'm freakin' proud of myself actually! I'm feeling some muscle starting to develop, and that makes me so happy. I've been feeling mushy and out of shape for so long, so it's great to start feeling firm again.

I know the weight will eventually start coming off again. I just have to be patient.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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