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Originally Posted by nolasmurf View Post
Down another 2.2 this week.
Almost slept thru the alarm. I couldn't get comfortable last night so I had to take a sleeping pill ugh. I hate taking them but that's my only chance some night of sleep
Originally Posted by shrinkingsusie View Post
Good morning!! Down 2 lbs for week 28 weigh-in!!!

Exactly 25 lbs from goal!!!
You rock ladies! You're both doing so amazing!

Originally Posted by skinnybride2be View Post
As for IP, I was really worried about the 1 lb I went up yesterday, and was feeling so hungry that I actually had about 6 packets yesterday, 3 of which were my restricted Quest bars, since my plan was to cut them out completely for the rest of the week, and to keep my stomach from hurting so much from being hungry. I actually stepped on the scale this morning just to get an idea and I was down 2.7 lbs overnight. So i'm not sure if that means my body needs the extra or its the effects of it being the second week. I just know i'm happy that it went down and not up.
I second Lisa's advice about not putting too much stock in the movement of the scale from day to day, or even week to week. Many things cause our weight to fluctuate from one day to the next. You'll get the best picture of your progress by doing WI's once per week and then looking at those weekly numbers as a whole over time.

Originally Posted by Steppy1974 View Post
Hahaha yes, he's often said he wants to lose weight too but he's skeptical about the IP plan. (think it's the $$) He enjoys having a beer or two at the end of the day so I'm not sure how that would make him feel. He loves cooking for me and makes sure all the meals are within the plan's limits. He even eats salads with me and has reduced the amount he eats. He als gets excited when I try a new recipe, he loved the zuchinni chips I made. Says I need to do that again. He's supportive, just emotional.
That's great that he's on board with the cooking! Are there maybe other things you can do together for good health that might help him feel he is taking some positive steps too? My DH needs to lose some weight too and won't do IP (hates veggies), but we recently joined a gym together and go exercise together a few times a week. Maybe something like that - even taking walks together after dinner. I think it can be really positive when one person's progress inspires the other half!

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