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Originally Posted by Steppy1974 View Post
Hello fellow IP members! Love reading everyone's posts. Thought I would say hi. It is chilly here in Florida, makes me want to stay in bed. My furry children sleep real close to me, keeping me nice and warm. Gotta love them!

NanDeNa, I'm not even close to 6' but I'm on alternate products, and am self coaching since there isn't a clinic near me and the IP products are too costly for this single mom. I just follow the protocol and use the ProtiDiet products.

My fiancee is becoming bothered by my weight loss. He says that watching me lose weight is making him feel fat. Also says now that I'm "skinny" I will be looking for another man. I tried to explain why I have decided to lose weight. He just seems more depressed lately and I'm not sure why. I didn't know losing weight would cause emotional feelings from him, I thought he's be excited.
Way to go Steppy! That's impressive that you are doing so well on your own. Weight loss rocks the boat in relationships. I hope your fiance comes on board and celebrates your success with you. Sounds like he's thinking he'd better not take you for granted--that's not a bad thing!

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