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Good morning -

Our pipes froze yesterday, so it's been a pain not to be able to take a shower, do dishes all that good stuff. Me and the dog are going to have to share the remaining bottles of water lol. She'll get 2 of the remaining 3, and i'll take the last one hahah. Hopefully my hunnie can get out to the store on his way home and get heat tape and all the other things to get the pipes working again. I think he said the filter under the house froze and cracked, so I don't know what that means for the rest of house, if we need to fix more pipes or if the well drained, I have no idea.

As for IP, I was really worried about the 1 lb I went up yesterday, and was feeling so hungry that I actually had about 6 packets yesterday, 3 of which were my restricted Quest bars, since my plan was to cut them out completely for the rest of the week, and to keep my stomach from hurting so much from being hungry. I actually stepped on the scale this morning just to get an idea and I was down 2.7 lbs overnight. So i'm not sure if that means my body needs the extra or its the effects of it being the second week. I just know i'm happy that it went down and not up.

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