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Thanks for the welcome! I am trying to remember what prompted me 7 days ago to pick up the book, and I'm failing. I've been overweight and not dieting for many years, so you'd think I'd remember a change like that. For the forum, that's easy. On Day 6, I went a-googling. I picked this one because it is active, long-standing, and explicitly references the Beck diet. So we're all coaches here, not just particular people?

Streak days for bed/exercise/diet: 1/11/11.

My current sabotaging thought is, yeah, yeah, you're doing well...for now. Just wait until the honeymoon's over then you'll see. Helpful response: Why assume the worst? I'm learning and practicing new skills that I didn't have before. It will make a difference. Besides, I already committed to the program. Just enjoy the honeymoon for as long as it lasts, and don't borrow trouble.

Day 7 is about changing your environment. My home environment is already great. My work environment is not so bad. I will not be asking the other 50 some odd people in my office to look for their communal snacks in the cupboards, but I will route myself away from the snack tables. This was an easy day.

Beth: You pushed me over the edge, and I just bought a fitbit. Thanks for the nudge.

AZtricia: I'm sending you mojo for pizza night. Pizza is a really, really hard one for me.
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