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Good morning girls! Very chilly here this morning and actually the temps are supposed to go down instead of up today. We are supposed to have snow showers by the end of next week, UGH!

They are still pounding away next door. They must be doing a lot of remodeling inside as I hear saws and such. It has been empty for almost 2 years now and I sure hope whomever moves in is decent.

Jack is going to try and fix the dryer issue himself. He did get up there and duct taped the hose until he can replace what he is going to replace. Since it is so hard to get to the left end, he is going to cut out the bad spot and put in a connector thingy and then replace the hose from there to the other vent that goes out to the outside. We had plumbing problems again last night and luckily were able to get it unclogged. I am so stressed with the stupid condo always having some problem that costs $$$. Jack can do some things, but he has limitations and I can't help him much at all.

Jean: Glad that a sad occasion turned into something joyful. I worked with a retired minister decades ago when I was a secretary at a private Christian school. He said they don't have funerals, they have celebrations. I thought that was always wonderful. Hope Bob's meeting went ok considering you guys seem to be having rotten weather all around.

Maggie: Hope you can get Windows 7 installed ok and get your drinking straw worked out. I am hoping my Ipad will be delivered today. They said yesterday, but as usual the Post Office can't seem to do what they are supposed to.

Everyone have a great day. I am going to sit and knit on my sweater. Have a good rest of the week. Faye
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