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Wow... you guys are so committed! It's amazing to listen to your stories.

I'm glad you're saying to prepare yourself before you jump in... I'm a real research-alholic, and have to know EVERYTHING before I get involved- you should see how long it takes me to buy a car!

One thing that is really leading me to get this weight off is my youngest daughter. This child is so much like me, it gets scary. Her body type is identical, and with my cooking, the weight is going on already. If I don't make some fundamental changes NOW, what kind of mother would I be to not only take poor care of my own health, but the health of others that has been entrusted to me? I can't let down myself, my husband or my kids any longer. I need to fix this.

Why is it for so many of us- strong, smart, independent, beautiful women, we allow weight and food to control our lives? Why have I waited so long, and allowed it to get so bad?

Well, I guess that's enough looking back- it's going to be time to look forward. I'm going to get some good recipes and clean out the pantry. It will be sort of like Passover week all the time- nothing leavened is allowed- except this will include the sugary and snacky stuff too. Wow. Not even matzoh! No latkes. But I can cook a mean brisket!

Thanks to all of you for your responses... you've been so kind and warm! I'll be coming back to let you know when we're going to start. The hard thing will be when the DH loses more faster- after all, men just have to burp and the lost weight!

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