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First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow Edoetsch!

Thanks for all the support, I could only get on here quickly yesterday to post my calories. Silly children hog the computer. I wish 3fatchicks had an app. I do like the new scale because it's digital and I can actually see the exact number. I'm waiting to schedule my doctors appointment until it show me in "normal" range. There's no way I want overweight written in my chart. My lady doctor lets me get away with not weighing in, but a regular doctor won't.
My picture is OLD, it's when I reached my goal that first time in 2005. I'm keeping it there to help me along.

Calories for yesterday were 1183. Chugging along, but so very afraid to go over that 1200 mark. Before I used to have a "fat" day where the boys and I would hit McDonalds for lunch, I wonder if that actually helps because you never get into that "Starvation Mode" were you bodies metabolism slows down. Silly body, that's not what I want.

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