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Cool Thursday

Diet Coaches
I was not under the 197.4 - but I wasn't over either so hope continues to burn. I want one dancing vegetable or being sometime real soon now.

Credits for today:
Ate on plan
Met my exercise goal
Planned food for today and defrosted and organised (a downsized) dinner before I left for work
Checked out my Advantage / Response cards - I have them on iPad
Reduced my To Do list

AZtricia - I hope you like the dill-pickles. You can make cheese or lebneh out of the kefir but I haven't gone there yet but it is a good idea. At the moment I am trying to get the timing right depending on the temperature. When I get there I will look at other things to do! Yay for lost another pound - really worth a celebration. Not sure if you are sad about the reduced calories or...? MFP keeps upping my calories based of exercise but I ignore it because I want to stick to less than 1500 and might even lower that. Can't wait to see your tracker!

BillBlueEye - I liked the fact that the Sears catalogue gave me the price of a snow thrower in $AUD! That would be useful to about 1 square KM of Australia (I am exaggerating of course). They look like very useful beasts - and surprisingly inexpensive! Ouch for a gift of chocolate brownies - good you have a plan for spreading them over weeks.Yay for back to pecans and normalcy

ForMyGirls - exemplary report card - great that you could forego hot chocolate for fruit - mind you what were you thinking wanting hot chocolate in this weather?!

FLNU - Welcome and thanks for the introduction. You seem to be really organised! and yes it is lovely to have all these people who are maintaining and can show the way. Not many rules here that you can inadvertently break - you will get the hang of it in no time. I will leave it to our list moderator to properly welcome you

Nationalparker - your food sounds really on track. Great that you recognised the difference between wanting more versus being full. Mashed potatoes beckon so you did well

BethFromDayton - Great choice between snack or pilates. The class sounds interesting and well structured. Adding in incidental exercise is a great way to increase your steps and credit for using "the long way" to achieve it. You are avoiding walking in teens and single digits, and I am trying to walk before 6.30am because it is too hot and humid after that. Can't beat the planet really

GardenerJoy - waving - I can't remember if you were going away but I notice your absence? I had to go back 7 pages to find that you were going to drive 4 hours each way to do a family meeting - hope all is well

Onebyone - waving to you too - hope you are achieving what you want

Short Term Goal

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