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Atarimae Hey you're still at a loss for the week and that's great! I totally feel your pain with that insatiable type of hunger, its the worst That's what happens to me if I have sweets or gluten. You could be sensitive to refined sugars and that could very likely be the cause. Hope you're feeling better today!

So weight is slowly coming down from after accidentally eating gluten over the weekend. I still can't believe that 6lb gain in one day, totally weird. Today I ate a bit more but I was super active. I hate how with school and work I really do need to eat more to feel alive. Like 1200 doesn't cut it when I'm running around campus, jumping up and down with children in lessons, and practicing piano all day. I try not to get too upset if I go over, but still, its annoying.

This is non weight loss related BUT I do have something exciting coming up In 4 weeks I'm soloing with my school's orchestra MacDowell's piano concerto no. 2 in d minor. Its the prize for getting 2nd in the concerto competition at my school. I admit I am nervous! But excited too That's why I was nearly totally gone from this site last fall is I was practicing and rehearsing so much for the competition I swore off all non essential computer activity(including leaving fb for a month!). So yeah, I'm hoping to lose a little weight by then so I look awesome on stage
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