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vachinyc, you look great! I experienced diet fatigue toward the end, too. If you haven't already done so, I suggest going shopping. Reward yourself for the fabulous job have done. Relish your success fully, enjoy your healthy new body to the max--now and on maintenance, whenever you decide that is. You've earned it.

Brenda, I had major hair loss toward the end of P1 that continued into maintenance several weeks to the point that I went wig-shopping. Recently, about the 4th month into maintenance, it started growing back. IP states that it's related to hormones released by fat cells as you lose weight and will grow back. My hair stylist (and others on 3FC) say that any diet with rigorous calorie restriction can cause hair loss. You can search the IP forum and find the hair loss thread and find some good info about it. Hang in there!

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