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Originally Posted by ThisGirlIsOnFire View Post
Not a big veggie eater. Doing my best to get down the 2 cups. Really struggling with that part though. Any suggestions? I'm eating my salad & trying to get the spring mix & such that counts for some veggie. Still trying everything to see what my faves are. Finding some good things that will definately help. All comments welcome!
I'm hooked on shredded cabbage with different WF dressings. A few sliced scallions or onion (uncooked) give a nice flavor and I love the crunchiness.

Another thing I've enjoyed is riced cauliflower. Grate raw cauliflower in a cheese grater or food processor. Cook to desired tenderness in a non stick skillet with a little chicken broth--just enough to tenderize the "rice". (Or cook in a regular skillet with a little olive oil). Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc. and serve as a bed under meat.

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