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Originally Posted by JLUS View Post
Just clarifying - 4 cups total for the day.

Have you tried rhubarb? It is a veggie but WAY more like a fruit. Looks like red/pink celery. Cut into chunks and cook in a pot with a little water, sweetener, cinnamon or nutmeg until soft and mushy. Some add gelatin and let it cool for a jelloish treat. I like to top I t with ProtiDiet oatmeal (unrestricted) and make a crisp. You can also buy it frozen when not in season. Great dessert or breakfast!

And of course you MUST have read about how AMAZING roasted veggies are - they are mentioned in just about every thread!!!
I love to cook the rhubarb and then add it to my raspberry jelly or vanilla pudding - yummy!

Roasted veggies are awesome and so are purees. I puree a cup of mushrooms and celery or bell pepper and add them to soups - gives them so much body.

Steaming or roasting cauliflower (and then puree if you want) and add it to the potato puree is just like having a really hardy potato soup.

There's so many ways to get your veggies in, you just have to be a little creative. Check out the recipe threads, so many good ideas.

And seriously, after a few weeks I was complaining that 4 cups of veggies really weren't enough!

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