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@Valkyrie1 - First, congrats on losing the weight. Having a breast lift would be my preferred method to fix my breasts, sadly, after having my previous reduction, they removed most of the tissue. I was left with fat and after losing weight, I'm left with NOTHING. There's nothing to be able to lift, hence the augmentation with implants.

As for having it covered...I was perhaps a little mis-leading, in that I haven't had it covered financial through the government or my health insurance. We have another source for the finances that wouldn't be available for anything BUT this surgery (as in, I couldn't use it to keep us afloat while out of work, etc.) It is strictly available for this reconstructive surgery.

I'm currently looking into programs though, that could potentially cover a portion of the surgery, but it will be a long process to get approval, so it may not be feasible. I'm also in Ontario, Canada, so our health care system is A LOT different than yours. In Ontario, I believe there is a precedent for people who have had an over 100lb weight loss, but again, it's a long and tedious approval process from what I've heard.

As for scars...after having 2 C-sections and a previous Breast Reduction, I have more scars covering my body than I care to share. For both procedures (Augmentation and Abdominoplasty) they would use the existing scars as a guide (implants would go through one of the scars I already have and the Tummy Tuck incision would be exactly where my c-section scar is, it would just extend by a few inches on either side. ) So not much different for me. But thanks for your post.

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Next Goal ~ Getting into the 160's and deciding on my goal weight!
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