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Originally Posted by Hiker88 View Post
Ruth Ann: I'm in Vancouver for business meetings, PMS'ing and HUNGRY! I'm thinking of chocolate for the first time in months! Thanks for your amazing post!! 99 pounds! wow! Okay, that gave me the push I needed.... I definitely won't go down to the gift shop for a chocolate bar!! (its been 5 months since I was a slave to that drug!)lol

I'm all about the reward! There doesn't have to be a cost associated with it but seriously.... what ARE you going to do when you hit the big 1-0-0???
Glad to help out Hiker! You are so much stronger than any chocolate bar!

And you know, I really hadn't thought about what to do at 100 - I think just knowing I did it will be such a high! I'm pretty stoked right this minute, I feel so much healthier than I did 9 months ago, it's a really good feeling!

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