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@CherryPie99 - I actually read your blog (started anyways) the other night. I went through all your pictures (is that creepy...sorry if it sounds that way.) I'm THRILLED that you have messaged me, having been through it yourself.

My skin is not THAT bad, definitely not as bad as yours. But I definitely have the overhang (like when I bend at the waist) and I have two horrible 'Fat Pocket' (what the surgeon termed it) at my belly button and one I term my Pooch (at my C-section scar.) They are really noticeable and continue to make me look like the Marshmallow man (think rolls!)

My breasts, I absolutely could live with them the way they are...I wouldn't go in JUST for them. BUT, if I'm going in to have one procedure, I figure I may as well get both done (thankfully, both procedures will be covered financially.) And my thighs are still quite large and while I have some loose, saggy skin, I can live with them (and when my weight fluctuates, my thighs are the first place it goes.)

So for me, this is mostly cosmetic...I could live with my body the way it is, but I'm quite self-conscious and this just feels like the final step in my transformation.

And this opportunity has presented itself...but I'm still hesitating (and having been through a breast reduction and 2 C-sections, I have an idea what to expect from surgery.)

I'm THRILLED to hear that recovery really is only 2-3 weeks. That's what the surgeon said, but I was hesitant to believe her. That makes a huge difference in factoring in my decision.

Because I'm not working, taking a leave of absence isn't a concern (making it an ideal time) will delay me finding a new job. As long as I know withing a week to two weeks I can get back to the job hunt (even just at my computer) that makes me feel more confident in going through with it.

My other hesitation is I'm nervous...not so much about the surgery, that's a breeze compared to my reaction to Anaesthetic. I HATE, HATE, HATE waking up from a General Anaesthetic. I get so sick and vomit, it's AWFUL. The thought of going through that again, ugh!

But thanks for the kind words everyone. I think to pass this opportunity up at this time may be a HUGE mistake for me. I just have to get all the pieces in place and figure it out.

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Next Goal ~ Getting into the 160's and deciding on my goal weight!
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