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Originally Posted by skinnybride2be View Post
so for example I stepped on the scale today, about 2 days after my normal weigh in just to check, and I was up about a lb, that even if its a slow loss, maybe .5 lbs, that its fat and thats still good? I'm sad I went up a whole pound though.

I am a computer nerd and a numbers geek. I weigh everyday and chart it in a spreadsheet. That spreadsheet also has my packets, how many total carbs, fiber and net carbs each day. Weight fluctuates everyday and one strange thing that has been consistent is about mid-week my weight goes up a pound and then by the end of the week it drops down for a loss. Sometimes the drop is big, sometimes it is small.

Another thing I have noted. The scale will be stubborn and not drop, but then my pants will all of a sudden loosen up. The scale drop always happens a couple of days after the pants loosening up.

So the scale is just one measure and you should not let it bother you. I track it daily because I love playing with numbers. I actually pay more attention to a weekly average of those numbers because that shows the trend.
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