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Originally Posted by amylew View Post
Good morning! I'm excited about staying 100% OP today. LOVING roasted cabbage. What a treat!
Amylew I haven't tried roasting yet but want to. Love sautéed! Love it. Fun with veggies should be our motto on IP

Originally Posted by ems70508 View Post
Rough morning/day ahead at the office. Makes me want to go have a glass of wine with friends tonight. Sigh. I miss my after work drinks with friends.
I know the feeling ems. Wine/a drink w/friends is possibly the thing I miss the very most. Good day or bad day. I am looking forward to (moderately) adding that back.

Originally Posted by dak1lls View Post
I love roasted cabbage! I also like to sauté it with a little grapeseed oil and a dash of red pepper flakes. Yum! I make chicken soup a lot and now I always add chopped cabbage. I agree, it is funny how we love foods now that would have never crossed our radar before. One thing I love about IP is that it is making me a better cook, because I am always trying new ways to make old recipes that are healthier and IP compliant.
More love for cabbage and cooking...woot woot! Totally agree dak1lls

Originally Posted by drd1961 View Post
I have been thinking about my goal weight and have decided to change it.
Me too drd. Today I changed mine - lowered it. Still not "sure" but unlike most of you, while I weigh less than I remember weighing as an adult, my size hasn't really followed. I have a belly and not a defined waist...waist and hips are generally close in size even when I'm normal weight. I've picked 155 and for my height, I think that will be "just" in normal bmi. 155 is a really low weight for me though - I'm worried about maintaining it. Will see

I had my week 22.5 weigh in today and lost 2.6 lbs. It's a 1.5 week number -- I'm very happy with it especially since I was traveling, had a cold, and an extended tom visiting. Woo Hoo. 150s crazy!

Happy almost Thursday! IP POWER to you!

Original Goal 171, met Week 17; Lowered goal:155 Phase 2:2/9/14 phase 3:2/22/14
W1:-2.4 W2:-4.4 W3:-6.2 W4:-1.6 W5:-4.1 W6:-1.4 W7:-3.7 W8:-2.0 W9:-1.3 W10:travel W11:-5.5(2 wks) W12:-4.9(tom) W13:-0.2 W14:-1.5 W15:travel W16:-5.8(2 wks) W17:-1.1 W18:-3.1 W19:travel W20:-3.9(2 wks) W21:-1.8(tom) W22.5:-2.6(1.5 wks) W24:-3.6(1.5 wks) W25:0(tom)
PHASE 2: W26:travel W27:-3.9(2 wks) PHASE 3: W28:+0.6 W29:+.9

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