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Default Goal reflections

Originally Posted by ems70508 View Post
Finale i think the calculator is a good estimator. If you're really worried about your goal, maybe consult your gyno (mine has been very influential) or your general MD. Or even your coach. I don't have an amazing relationship with my coach, so that's why I haven't consulted her. She actually didn't even ask me about my goal...just sells the products! I set my goal based off this calculator but I also don't remember being below 190 in my life so I may stop before I get to 160!
A few thoughts about this: I did consult with my Family Practitioner and he felt that my goal of 160 was reasonable - on the border of not being the best BMI but certainly acceptable given my previous weight and current age.
Your are 3 inches taller than me so I cannot see why that mean you would have to go even lower.

Secondly, I get your point about not having been below a certain level in your life and knowing that was probably an OK weight for you. I understand that one, too. I have not been below 165 in my adult life so anything approaching that will probably be fine.

Last, I think when we and our bodies get anywhere near those weights, we and our bodies will give us indications of how it feels and we can judge from there. If I get to 160 and my rear end still bugs me and I have boundless energy, I might go for another 10 or so. I can wait until I get closet to my goal before I worry about that!

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