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Default Making the decision to pursue plastic

I have a very tough decision ahead of me and I'm not sure how to proceed with it.

I have lost about 105-110lbs (depending on the day.) I have also, however, had 2 pregnancies (both babies were over 9lbs each,) 2 C-sections, breastfeeding both children for over 14 months each and a breast reduction (in my late teens.)

All of those things combined have resulted in no breasts (sad, empty sacks of tissue, no fat, nothing!) and a jiggly, bulging, round belly that no amount of weight loss or exercise has helped.

I am now wearing push up bras (which, having had a previous breast reduction is a complete mind f*ck) and I NEVER leave my bathroom without putting on my shapewear (lovingly referred to as my 'sucker-inner.')

I'm currently unemployed, but was hoping to start back at work as soon as possible. BUT, I have an opportunity to go in for a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation (exactly what I wanted) at the end of March.

I have two children (7 & 5) and a husband to consider. I wouldn't be able to start back to work until May-ish, so it would mean that financially we would be 'tight' for awhile and I'm not guaranteed a job right away. But, the procedure itself wouldn't put any additional burden on us financially.

So...I'm just wondering, do I go ahead and plan for a surgery? Or do I put it off for a potentially better time (is there ever going to be a better time?)

It means having to rely heavily on family during my recovery to help with the house and my kids...but they are more than willing.

I'm just scared...while I always hoped I could have this done, I didn't think it would ACTUALLY happen. Now that it could be reality, I'm starting to get cold feet. I just don't know what to do. do I make this decision that affects me and my body, but really affects the whole family too.

HW - 278 lbs March 2012
IPSW - 240 lbs August 21, 2012
CW - 173 (No longer Obese, just overweight!)
GW - 160

Next Goal ~ Getting into the 160's and deciding on my goal weight!
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