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Originally Posted by vachinyc View Post
Hey Lisa: I'm still in phase 1 per my clinic's reco and also because I'm not really the size I'd expect to be. The clinic is still showing my bmi as not yet in the normal category and that I have 6 pds of fat to lose so their thought is I lose the fat and get my bmi into normal. (the 171 goal I post here is what they gave me originally)

The last time I was at the clinic we discussed the diet fatigue and they asked if I'd try to stick it out a little longer to get to the normal bmi. I'm trying, just have more days of "ugh" where it used to be a little easier to manage.

I have some concerns that I'll regret phasing too soon and wish I had stuck it out. Could be I also am worried it feels like quitting (before bmi is even normal) before I'm fully done losing ... even though in my head, I know it's not.

I have some history of self sabbatage so I'm trying to be mindful and not do that here given all the work to date.

Weight is complicated may be the short answer.
Please, please know that you can hang in there! I had the same issue, reached my initial goal, I made the weight but my body fat % was over 35 and they weren't happy. I had 2 cheat days totally off plan at Xmas and NYE and boy was I craving after that! Sweets, crackers, cream cheese. But I decided to push on. It only took 5 lbs for me to get seriously under that 35% and I have to say I love my body more at this weight than the heavier initial goal. You have worked so hard, you CAN do this, look at your success to date. So know that I'm here, supporting you, what ever you do but I know you can push through if it's what you want.
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