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Good morning,

So i ordered some french vanilla protein powder from costco on Friday and it came yesterday and so far, iím very happy with it. It wasnít in store and i just came across it when browsing the website.

Its 96 calories, 1g fat, 1g carb, 0 sugar and 21g protein. It cost me 40$ for 2 bags of 20 portions each (so 1$ per portion) and it mixes SUPER easily (just with a spoon, no clumps). I brought one bag to work and left one at home for week-ends. Oh and they also sent a sample for whey protein iced cappuccino...doesnít have the nutritional info so i need to find that before trying it but iím assuming its similar as the French vanilla.

I didnít like the chocolate premier drink at costco and canít find the vanilla so iím really happy with this. I use the pure protein bars as my restricted.

Oh and i know this will sound stupid since it involves a cheat but yesterday i was attending a conference and i did good with the lunch but cave on dessert BUT my NSV is that i continued great with the rest of my day (and skipped my snack) which for me is a huge deal as iím a binge eater and if i have one thing off program, i usually would say screw it and continue the rest of the day but yesterday i didnít...i almost did, was tempted and had the should I or shouldnít I conversation for awhile but at the end, i didnít and am super proud

My son's bday today and we're going to the chinese restaurant but since i'm doing good right now and have no craving, i'm just going to not eat (did it several time while on program) and will have dinner when i get home.

Have a great day!

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