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Originally Posted by tinespeens View Post
Hello. New to this forum. Just started IP this past Saturday. So far it's been easier than I expected it to be. The one thing I am worried about is my weight obsession. I have always been a religious weigher.
One of the main reasons it's taken me so long to start the program is because I was worried that I would still be so concerned about the number on the scale, it would drive me crazy.
I know I have to focus on the mini achievements, it's just a thing I have to learn to deal with.
Hope everyone is having a great day.
Welcome tinespeens! I am in the same area as you are (Ottawa Valley)

Some people weigh every day, others only weekly. Since you fear your obsession might drive you crazy, hiding the scale might be a good idea.

Whether you end up weighing weekly or more often than that, as long as you stay 100% on plan, you will love the results. Just stick to it, even if the scale doesn't give you what you were hoping for every time; next time will be better!

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