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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
I'm confused. Your trackers say you're at (past) goal. Haven't you moved past p1?
Hey Lisa: I'm still in phase 1 per my clinic's reco and also because I'm not really the size I'd expect to be. The clinic is still showing my bmi as not yet in the normal category and that I have 6 pds of fat to lose so their thought is I lose the fat and get my bmi into normal. (the 171 goal I post here is what they gave me originally)

I haven't changed my goal because they said they are just looking for the bmi/fat to both be normal and that may or may not be the 6 lbs. they have of course also mentioned that the scales aren't foolproof and if I stall, I could go to phase 2.

I do realize I could push the issue - especially now that I'm feeling a little diet fatigue - but I'm also feeling like they have been very helpful so far. 155 is appealing and gets me closer normal in the height/weight charts (that don't factor in anything like bone structure or age). So in my head, a lot of factors are pointing to "keep going".

I weigh again tomorrow - will be week 22.5 (I normally weigh on Saturday) but it's also in the evening and I normally weigh in the morning. So it won't be apples to apples with my last weigh in about a week and a half ago. Home scale doesn't show much movement regardless.

The last time I was at the clinic we discussed the diet fatigue and they asked if I'd try to stick it out a little longer to get to the normal bmi. I'm trying, just have more days of "ugh" where it used to be a little easier to manage.

I have some concerns that I'll regret phasing too soon and wish I had stuck it out. Could be I also am worried it feels like quitting (before bmi is even normal) before I'm fully done losing ... even though in my head, I know it's not.

I have some history of self sabbatage so I'm trying to be mindful and not do that here given all the work to date.

Weight is complicated may be the short answer.
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