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Afternoon all. I had a busy morning and fell asleep in my chair and then had to go get Jack.

Well, we have an issue with the dryer business. We have a bulkhead above the door between the dining room and laundry room. He spent 4 hours here and then talked to Jack because he said there was a blockage in that bulkhead. They went in and cut into the drywall and found they did a cheap job putting the plastic accordian style hose instead of a regular vent and the hose has a big rip in it so it has to be replaced. I can use my dryer and it is all cleaned out (part of the problem is the mesh disappeared to the outside vent and a bird got up in there and built a nest,) but Jack is going to try and fix the other problem. If he finds he can't then we will make an appt for them to come in and do the work and it will cost anywhere from $300-600. It is mostly labor of course.

Went to my gyn appt and will not be having a hysterectomy. My uterine biopsy was totally clear and since I am having no symptoms at the moment he said there isn't much we can do. Tricare will not authorize a hysterectomy unless I am bleeding where they can't control it or have an abnormal biopsy. I have to have another biopsy in April then again in October and probably yearly after that. We talked a long time about all of it and he asked me is I was stressed a lot and he said that can cause it to flare up even for women who have never had any issues at all. He explained why it keeps rethickening after a d and c, etc. So, it is a wait and see, but as long as I am not having a problem I am definitely ok with that.

My Ipad mini should be here tomorrow so that will be great, but you never know with this post office.

Maggie: My Ipad is 8" We have the pc, the iphones and the laptop so mainly this is for traveling and reading since my Kindle has been acting up a lot. Since I am used to my Iphone, getting used to the Ipad will be just a bigger screen.

Jean: You can keep your weather. It was in the 30's here but really windy so it was cold. We did have snow flurries on and off today too, but nothing thick. How did the trip go? Glad you got back home ok.

You all have a good evening and I will talk to you tomorrow. Faye
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