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Originally Posted by diamond_girl View Post
1175 in for yesterday. My new scale says I weigh 163.2 and I knew my old scale was off (just didn't feel that weight) so I'm still considered overweight. I've reduced my calories to 1200 a day (from 1500). I'm so depressed, but I knew my old scale was off (it wasn't digital and I could only really guess where that line matched up, plus it was off by 6 pounds) sigh...
So sorry and I completely understand. But as Kaarin said you still did lose the same amount of weight. Yes, now you have six more to go than you thought, but losing is easier than maintaining, IMHO, so now you get more of the easier part! Also, your attitude and feeling was you were in a normal range so just because you are slightly over doesn't mean you don't still look great. The pants you've been wearing are still fitting even though you are six pounds more with that stupid new scale!

I have a similar issue in that I'm not quite sure I am 5'7 anymore. I think I have shrunk. If I'm 5'6" ( or less, eek!) then I'm not normal either but gosh I sure feel it compared to where I was. That's one reason why I lowered by my goal to 150 because then when I reach the 150, and I'm brave enough to measure my height I will still be normal.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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