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Originally Posted by Chardonnay View Post
but some of that is wine calories (I always make room for my wine! ).
LOL Same! It's funny I used to HATE red wine. Until I tried one I fell in love with!

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. Often I find myself remembering how it was starting the track how overwhelming it was. I hope no one misinterprets this thread as gloating or being self righteous. I genuinely want to inspire others. I remember in 2011 when I started on this site and seeing all the amazing Before & afters and being so excited about seeing some change in myself. It took some time before I actually started the journey but it has been more then worth every missed poutine (canadian here lol) and every last drop of sweat.

@Awshucks Isn't it crazy how much it becomes something you love!? Before I did "the gym thing" I used to cringe at the idea of sweating and exhausting myself at the gym. Now I get excited when "gym time" is getting close. Catch myself migrating to the workout gear when I am shopping. Making mental notes of jogging paths in my city. The thought of hiking(I am near mountains) sounds exciting to me. When I am anxious I don't want to binge as much I want to run or burn the energy off with my legs some how.

Oh and the dreaded "D word" Depression!? It has been months since the dragon snuck up on me. I mean the hard core depression. Not "I ate some cake now I am sad" I mean the quite dark place no one knows about. Detach from everyone everything around you no tears, no emotions, just dark... quite nothing, every hour a life time waiting to the light to break. Ya that Sh*t, GONE!!!

Thinking back what got me really going was emotion. Anger, that'll put some giddy up in ya lol! Funnel whatever emotion drives you the most and just think, this time next year... MIND BLOWN!!!

*sorry for the "emo" moment but i think those having genuinely experienced the same thing, will understand the severity of.. it*

0.6Lbs from 100lbs lost!!

Ultimate goal!

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