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I have lowered my carbs, I don't eat pasta or bread anymore. But I am probably eating more veggies now. I am limiting fruit though. So I don't have many 'junk' or as many grain carbs (I still eat corn tortilla chips with quac). Really doubt I am in ketosis. I never tried to follow Atkins.

I am using a C25K program. I had a calf injury so I repeated weeks. And I was repeating weeks anyway. I started in August in the 260s or low 270s. I am just now hitting 30 mins. It is supposed to be an 8 week program, but I found repeating weeks helpful.

And after the calf injury (from tennis not running) which was in October I went back to week 2. Doctors said don't run for at least a month, so that was 4 weeks no running. Then we traveled over the holidays. I guess the basic point is C25K programs do a great job of easing you into running more and more, especially if you repeat weeks.

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