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Originally Posted by nolasmurf View Post
Well ladies the 12s are getting loose. Gonna try on those 10s in the closet later today.
That's terrific!!

Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
I am laughing because I spent the morning trying on pants! That may not be significant in most cases, but I have not worn jeans in over 20 years. With my weight and figure, jeans just did not make me happy.

So, BIG NSV because the pair of black jeans size 18 fit just fine today! I did spent a lot of time in the mirror trying to see if I could deal with the person I saw there since I am not used to the image.

Our daughter, who started me on IP, is coming over next week, so I will wear them when she is here and get her opinion. She has a pretty good eye on fashion and what is flattering. She lost 80 pounds on IP, her husband 88.
Fantastic!! and that's incredible about your daughter and her husband!!

Hi to everyone - on Day 6 and doing OK. Struggling with cough/cold since Friday. Hoping to feel better soon!

Hope you all have a great day!!
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