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Atarimae Omg totally feel you on the YOLO night :/ Hey .5lb really isn't a big deal at all though! Keep at it this week and by your next weigh in you will be well into the 40s again

dehtripper Great job portioning it all out! And also great work on the new derby trick This is probably a dumb question it anything like ice skating? I used to be a figure skater so I've always wondered! I'm really lucky to be in Southern California when it comes to food options. I've gotten so spoiled with all the veggie, gf, vegan options I think I would starve anywhere else. I'm applying to one grad school out of state and I looked up the eating options in the area and there's like....nothing.

So weight is up 6.2lbs....yep. That's how good my eating this holiday weekend was Sunday and Monday really sucked. Especially the whole letting some gluten slip in. Even though it really wasn't a lot I had the crazy cravings yesterday and ate a bunch of crap. Obviously I didn't really gain any weight and its all water weight and I was really active Sunday blahblahblah but still...I REALLY need to get a grip on my YOLO weekend eating(stealing your phrase Atarimae). I did so well friday and Saturday and even kept it together most of Sunday, but yesterday was....awful. Well the one good thing is I've learned from this and I actually did log all my calories. Before on days I went off I would just not log into mfp at all, so I think making sure to add everything holds me more accountable and I will work on doing better this week!

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