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Originally Posted by trinny View Post
1. I think I may be using too much olive oil. I add it to my lunchtime salad dressing (2 tsp) but then I'll also toss some with my veggies in the evening to roast them. Does any of the oil "cook off" or am I being bad?

2. I've been fighting a bit of a virus since Saturday (bad sore throat/ears, kind of stuffed up). This seems to be going on longer than my usual ailments. At 900-ish calories a day does my body have the energy it needs to fight the germs? Does anyone go off plan a little during sickness?

3. I keep getting little heart flutters - maybe three or four times a day. No pain or anything startling. Just little flutters. Anyone else get that? This is not my first time trying a low carb diet so I doubt ketosis is the cause (like many here, I've tried just about everything!), but it is the first time I've had so few calories a day. Any suggestions?

Thanks, all. I cannot believe the success I've had so far - 8 pounds in two weeks, which is amazing for me and quadruple my normal rate of weight loss. Would love to keep going with this program, so I'm grateful for any suggestions/solutions anyone can offer.
1. It doesn't really cook off but is left in the pan (and in the salad bowl). You're probably fine, unless you quit losing. Its the carbs that'll slow us down. To be safe, I'd recommend reducing the amount on the salad a little and also the amount on the veggies. I use an oil spritzer. It seems to help use less.
2. This virus is particularly nasty. I'm hearing all kinds of people complain about it. The good thing about IP: Viruses feed on sugars. We aren't feeding the virus. Drink more hot liquids as they help with symptom relief. I also gargled with salt water and made chicken/veggie soup.
3. Talk to your doctor

Originally Posted by skinnybride2be View Post
So, yesterday, I totally spaced out and ate 4 packets, thinking I only had 2. It was three unrestricted and one restricted. Would that knock me out of ketosis?
Eating too many carbs is what knocks us out of ketosis. Making a small mistake when we're learning a new eating plan (such as eating an extra packet) isn't going to hurt a time or two. You're fine. Just stay on plan today.
It might help to write down what you are eating.
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