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Originally Posted by darbs7 View Post
Here I started the thread and then became silent. I am in a state of confusion right now. after 35 months in maintenance…I am up about 13 pounds right now. I just can't stick to phase one for more the 8-10 days. I am so mad at myself. I really don't like this weight because even at my goal weight (13 pounds less…I should be another 10 less than that for healthy BMI).

I need to get a grip. I am doing a modified phase one until I can get a hold of myself mentally. I guess this is an excuse, but my only daughter/child (they live with us) has a newborn (3 months old) and her husband left and became obsessive to an almost violent level and we are in the middle of a heated custody battle and I can barely sleep I am sick about it.
oh no sorry to hear about everything you are going through with your daughter. Make the best decisions you can when it comes to food. You know how to do this!! Stress could be causing the weight to stay on as well, you never know. Try to figure out why you only can stay on phase one for 8-10 days, what is your trigger? Don't beat yourself up, just try to stay away from those nasty carbs!!!

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