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Hi Turtles,
Oh Bandit, this is such exciting news! Good luck with this little baby, Grandma! Wishing your daughter, little Patrick Bruce, and you all the best and most joy in the world!

Glad you were able to keep your weight stable during this exciting time.
Yes, I'm trying hard to knock off some of this excess weight too. The time just seems right.

Princess, good luck with the surgeon's appointment. Always good to hear from you
Cherry, keep chiming in
Life 4, you've got a good job now. so glad you're through school and this is working out. Your weight loss is great. Keep it up.
Shay, keep on chiming in. It's good hearing from you

I am going to WI this morning since we are expecting another ten inches of snow starting later today. that means the center may be closed at WW's.
We missed two Wed. meetings during Christmas and New Year's and it wasn't easy to "stay tight" during that time. We can go to other meetings
but somehow I wasn't able to work that out. So I think I will make that happen today.

Best of everything. Let's make this happen!
234.6/194.6/180's and thinner
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