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Well, my weekly weigh-in is always on a Monday. Which...was not bright, given the Sunday I had.

My friends and I went on an amaaazing hike, in which I was way out of shape for! We then went walking around the tourist area for a bit and then proceeded to a burger joint for lunch! Which is great, considering I'm not calorie counting - I'm sugar counting! However, my problem was that I also decided since I had an outing, I counted Sunday as my "YOLO" night (which I hate the term, but I dub those my cheat nights). So on top of the horrendous calories I took in (Well, really over 1 1/2 meals since I only ate about half during lunch and half a few hours later + a small dinner a few hours after the half), I had a dessert. Yay, no sugar coating my bad night! I gained only about half a pound though, which is not bad at all...but again, before a weigh-in put me back to 150.2! I was so excited to have the ticker read below 150 for the first time EVER, but it'll have to wait a week.

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm doing a late post, so a little lazy on the individual posts, I'm sorry!

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