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Height: 5'8


Low day yesterday - 1027. I made a really nice carrot and coriander soup and had it with a parmesan grilled sandwich made with thin, whole wheat bread. All I wanted was junk yesterday so I tried to steer clear of the kitchen as much as possible. I weighed myself in the morning, no loss, no gain.

edoetsch1 - Good job! I can't do seafood. It's just gross. Every now and then I force myself to down some tuna but it tastes like cat food. I have a lot of bad childhood memories involving seafood dishes, just can't get over it!
& pumpkin muffins, YUM!
kaarin - I've never taken it & don't know much about it
Robisa - That's great
merstopher - Welcome to the group and congrats on the loss
SeeMyFeet - I hope you feel better soon
apo9 - Hi and welcome to the group
diamond_girl - I weigh on my wii fit. It's the only thing I use it for! I like that it tracks my progress, BMI etc... I'm not even sure how accurate it is BUT I do know that from whatever weight I started, I'm down 20lbs.
NewKate2014 - Sorry you couldn't find your shin sleeves, I hope they turn up soon!
misspriss78 - Great work!
Mission Fat to Fab - Up your healthy fats and protein. I used to struggle with the same thing when I started out. I couldn't fill the calories in a healthy way. I add coconut oil to my smoothies, throw in a hard boiled egg or extra chicken on low days to meet the minimum. My green smoothie, which has spinach, fenugreek, raspberries, strawberries and apple is just under 200 cals. It's a good gap filler, too.

Restarted weight loss journey after reaching my highest weight ever - Nov 12 2013

- 10lbs - Dec 6 2013
-20lbs - Jan 15 2014
- 30lbs & Onederland- March 10 2014
- Overweight BMI- March 11 2014
short term goal - weigh 175lbs by June 2015

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