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I'm a "newbie" both to this site and to this fact, I just began today on the 3Fat Chicks site! At around highest ever.

However, on Jan 6th, I made the decision to leap on my rarely used treadmill and do thirty minutes a day (around two weeks now). I've been trying to do Weight Watchers on my own (1200 cal/ day) , as I live in Mexico. I have done treading every day until about 4days ago, when I injured my right foot. I'm not sure if it's a stress fracture or plantar fasciitis, and I do have an appointment with my doctor for an XRay and examination.!

I'm SO frustrated at it happening now. I've been so committed and can no longer walk at a decent speed on the treadmill. And, my foot hurts afterward...drat it! The plus side is that I do see a slight difference in size...very slight, as I am weighing only one time a month.
I waver between giving my foot rest...and walking on the treadmill slowly. I just don't wasn't to fall back into inactivity. Any tips/ advice! I'm a bit bummed out!
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