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Originally Posted by Diamondonalandmine View Post
Umm I came to this site in 2011 at 296.4 or was it 294.6!?! Verging on 300 anyways. Desperate to one day get smaller but having little faith in it ever happening. When I was bored, lonely or anxious I ate than I realized that certain types of stress helped me lose weight soooo there IS a silver lining to being stressed out, for me anyways

I just broke into the twenty teens and I am so happy. I have been muscle training for a few months now. I know I could put more effort into it but I am happy with the results so far

On the left is me in the 290's :'( on the right that's where I am at now (216 lbs) I have been working hard on my posture and my back it straightening out love it
You look amazing! You know, it is kind of funny because even though I did not suffer anorexia nervosa, I did lose weight due to stress a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away, LOL). I had lost appetite for many carbs I used to consume (mostly from starches), and I worked out like crazy at the gym and walked a lot. It was just a healthy, active lifestyle. Whatever happened to that!? Ah, yeah, I got married and had kids. My husband is loving enough to remind me that I look awesome after two kids but I beg to differ and that's why I'm here. Anyway... I'm rambling. You look great! Such an inspiration. Keep up the good work!
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