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Originally Posted by Vippysue View Post
Thanks for the words of wisdom. I needed some. I don't want to leave the program...just wish the reward would come faster. Do you mind me asking how long it took you on phase 1? You look great and are an inspiration. me...your day will come! If anyone had told me last New Year's Eve I'd be wearing skinny black pants and a glitzy gold turtleneck this year...I'd have teared up, and sworn at them under my breath for making fun of me and my dreams.

I began reading about IP , lurked 3FCs forums and went for the intro session on Dec 10 of 2012 but started cutting back carbs prior to the Christmas Holiday (of 2012 ... using some EAS drinks at lunch or breakfast) and on Jan 10th of last year began 100% IP. My goal was to lose 65 lbs by August 26th (my 65th B-day) and I hit fact was 0.5 lbs under...on 8/19/2013! It was an amazing journey..average was losing 2.8 lbs /week for about 5 months. After that it slowed a bit, and was erratic with a week or so of 3lb losses and mostly around 1.5 lbs a week..and finally in August those last 5 lbs came of ever so painfully slow! It took being on board 100%... and not deciding to deviate. In fact I was afraid to start adding food once it was time, but that is normal. I am gluten free, have been for 7 years so that makes it easier for me now I think. Not looking to figure out how much bread or noodles or cookies my metabolism can handle. By choice I am limiting my GF starches and instead get most of my carbs from vegetable/high fiber foods. Added nuts and berries to my day...but I am not a fan of juice or a piece of fruit that is nearly 10% of my daily calorie allowance. My age and height have given me some sobering realities to deal with..being older and caloric needs are less. My BMR is not going to allow me to increase my caloric load by more than about 400 calories over what IP daily intake is! All together probably lost 70-75 lbs because I am not sure what I weighed/lost prior to Jan 10 IP start. I was afraid to get on a scale. I was 187 at one point and I know that because when I went for a dexascan in April...they had my prior weight...and were alarmed I'd lost a lot of weight! I assured them my Dr was aware, and it was all good. They noted it on the report though, and the same thing happened again when I had a virtual colonoscopy in July....the radiologist noted" significant decrease in adipose tissue and body fat" since the last scan on the final report! LOVED it!

I began exercising the first week in April. I do circuit training at an all women's fitness center 3 days a week..(45-60 min circuit) and do about the same amount of time on cardio the alternating 3 days. I usually go first thing in the AM and am home by 8:15. Then rest on the paper and drink coffee in my jammies in the winter...sit out on the porch in the summer and enjoy NOT doing it that day as much as I have learned to enjoy it the other 6 days. It's important to start getting in the habit before you have too many other choices to make when you transition. When you have adjusted to the IP is OK to exercise at a low-moderate intensity. You are not to train for the Olympics! Many use the early advisement of IP NOT to exercise until your body adjusts as permission not to have to exercise the entire time you are on P1. That is NOT what is really encouraged. The sooner you start thinking about your necessary lifestyle changes and begin to implement them, the more likely you will be successful.

Wish you the is a very do-able task. Commit yourself to the process and do not be afraid to put your goals first. Others should understand and support you..and if they do not, you need to let it roll off you. It is the year of you! GO FOR IT!!DO IT! Next year at this time you will be a new person. You are already on your way. One more thing...start to scope out the consignment shops...and treat yourself to clothes that fit on the way down. Do not wear big clothes as your body starts to shrink. You will find you need to reinvent your fashion self. It is fun...and you deserve it! Keep us posted on your can do this!!

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