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Today I opened my last bottle of WF dressing. Down to just 1 box of IP product (BBQ soynuts), and 2 Mio peach mango flavorings. My P4 journey this far has been one of extremes--at first, back in Sept, I walked such a tightrope that I could barely stop losing weight. I was so perfect that it didn't feel like "Me." Then came the holidays and, in a nutshell, I gained 12 lbs. With the help of 3FC, I'm back to ideal weight. My experience taught me a few things: aside from my new clothes feeling a bit snug, all the pounds didn't magically return. I've learned to have a plan to avoid the mindlessly enabling "enjoy the holiday foods" mode next time. Mostly, I have a better sense of being in control of how I eat, not so reliant anymore on the structure of P1. It's there if needed, but for now I am going to feed my body when it's hungry, with wonderful foods that I can mostly make. Many thanks to all of you 3FCers for posting your thoughts suggestions support recipes, etc. It's great to walk with you all!

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