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Restarting IP 100%
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Originally Posted by MustangMolly View Post
Alright Sandra, don't make us get Wuv after you! 13 pounds in three weeks is great! Keep up the good work!
LOL Wuv would be after me if I used the word "only", but the thing that I should focus on is being 100% OP like I did the first time, it's something I never ever got to do after my re-starts, I would say I'm 90-95% nowadays.

When I get hungry a lot, I try to add something low carb, like a hard boiled egg, but I do sometimes allow myself to eat a piece of cheese which I am not supposed to, or to make my mashed cauliflowers with a bit of real butter, and to make my cauliflower salad using real low-fat mayo mixed to the walden farm one and my greatest downfall are nuts! They drive me nuts (hahaha, so lame). So you know, I'm doing those small slip-ups that I would really like to stop, but for now, this is what is keeping me sane, and I will try harder and harder until I get it right.

Started IP 06-30-11 @250lbs - Started alternatives mid Oct. 2011 - Stopped on Christmas 2011 (biggest mistake of my life) Lost 50lbs by then. Gained back all the weight I lost + 20 more lbs after IVF in 2013.
Many re-starts failed miserably. I stopped IP as I wasn't sticking to the plan but always try to re-start.
Serious Re-start: August 7, 2017

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