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Originally Posted by dak1lls View Post
I am so happy to report this morning that my SIL is on her first day of maintenance! She started IP after seeing the progress I was making. I told her I would be happy to be her "coach" and she has lost 54 lbs! It is so gratifying that I could inspire her to do this!!!!!

My baby sister just placed her first order at Nashua Nutrition, and will be starting soon as well. She has tried the Trim Shakes and is currently on a diet that I can't remember the name of, but is three letters; HCG? Not sure. Anyway, she has lost some weight on this current diet, but said she is STARVING and always craving. She read off the ingredients on her powdered mix and it is really, really high in carbs. She can have fruit as well.

As I mentioned to her, you can lose weight with any diet, but some may be more miserable than others. IP will help you to stop those bad cravings, lose weight and burn fat. She said she has not burned any tummy fat on the current diet. I think that is the biggest difference I see with my weight loss this time, I melted the fat off all over!

I am really hoping she does this! I can't wait to see her be successful!
Love your before & after pics. You look amazing.
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