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Originally Posted by ems70508 View Post
Morning! So I thought I'd share a discovery I made this weekend. My mom asked me to pick up a special brand of pickles from our local health food store. (Have no fear, they sell them at Whole Foods which is opening here this summer!) Anyway, the brand is called Bubbies and they have LIVE PROBIOTICS in their pickles! They don't use vinegar. They're so delicious, I highly recommend eating one after lunch and dinner. Or with it. Whatever you prefer. Because they have the probiotics, it'll help with digestion and if you have the Big C problem, should help with that as well. My mom said she has been more regular since eating these twice a day. That may just be here but it's worth a shot! I had to hide the jar from myself for fear of eating it all yesterday! Here's their website.
Thanks ems70508! I like those pickles--didn't realize they had that benefit.
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