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Originally Posted by 65X65 View Post
Have a wonderful time...

It may surprise you how easy it is to have a great time and not stray too much. Bet your tastes have changed and what you actually eat compared to what is offered...will be in your best interest within your trip...and you won't feel "deprived"...just smug and healthy!!! Are you going to an all inclusive?

We are planning a trip there next month. I'm going to find a good last minute deal...and we are just going to GO! No kids on this trip...just me 'n hubby! We will be celebrating 44 years of marriage next month.

But YOU... enjoy your body and some smashing times next week!!
It's interesting that you say that because I think you're right - I plan on enjoying it (yes, we're going to an all-inclusive!) but I think my choices will be different than what I would have normally picked. I will likely be more choosing foods closer to the IP protocol than not. I do still plan on enjoying a margarita... or two...

And yes, putting on a bathing suit this year will be much, much different then in previous years - looking forward to that too! I probably won't mind being in pictures either.

Enjoy your trip, wherever you choose to go and 44 years, wow - that is amazing!!

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