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Morning pity party starts now....

I've had a rough couple of 10 days. Started in Dec with a filling that should have been done from my last check up but got lost in communication between my dental office and myself. So we did it before Christmas, it started to hurt about 2 weeks ago and progressively got worse. When back in, apparently the bite was wrong, shaved it down. Still got worse, went back in and they gave me something for sensitivity AND then went BACK in for another dentist to look at it. THEN called the office on Saturday morning because I couldn't sleep anymore and I was in tears (literally could NOT sleep specifically on my left side) and I'm only allowed tylenyol and THAT only 6 times in a 24 hour period apparently (UGH!). Emergency root canal on Saturday (he opened the office and did it as quickly as he could). I texted him on Sunday cause the pain was back and now I'm on antibodics. a;lsdkjfalskdjfl;asjdf SO SO SO cranky moody and tired....pretty sure the bite is still wrong but it's so tender right now I'm not using that side anyway. Pretty sure that the nerve just got tired of fighting the bad bite and then just wouldn't settle down completely and once that's happened it's hooped. WOULD LOVE SOME ADVIL THOUGH! ugh!

.....on the upside during my moments of clarity I found this thread an interesting read. I have a lot of diabeties in my family and thyroid issues (I was pre-diabetic and on metformin before IP). 65X65 I envy your background and dedication to tracking everything with your medical team. It has never been confirmed technically but my doc agrees that I am insulin resistant just due to all my history. I was never good at sticking to something like you were to show a doctor how well I was doing (I could not do THAT well for THAT long)

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